“THANK YOU sooo MUCH for your awesome assembly! The kids raved about you! “

-Bathgate Elementary PTA

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a heroic adventure

Silly the Seed is the heroic adventure of a small seed that grows up to be a beautiful flower. Along the way his acts of friendship and kindness teach and entertain readers of all ages. But when Silly needs help, who will help him?

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Take advantage of these free, downloadable activities and lesson plans. Whether a parent or teacher, you can make a child’s experience of reading my books more exciting and inspirational.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my presentations about and how long do they last? Want comments regarding my past presentations? To view a list of schools and locations I’ve presented at . . .

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Who am I?

I aim to nurture the bond between parents and children while fostering a love for reading by writing stories that appeal to readers of all ages. My stories promote values, encourage self-esteem, and are also fun to read.

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“Thanks so much for your visit. Your presentation was funny and engaging! The students were fascinated with your command over words. Your stories are exciting, touching, and have great morals. Thank you… and maybe we can make this an annual event. Thanks again.”

– Principal William Skelly, Heninger Elementary School, Santa Ana, California

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